11 Bollywood Stars Who Turned To Be Real Life Heroes

India is a country where actors are given the stature of demigod. With so many movie performers, no wonder, why Bollywood is famous for producing a massive number of films every year.

We often, notice some kind of the idol worship. One can witness people worshiping heroes by pouring milk on hoardings during movie release. This is obvious in point of fact that some actors really being worthy to receive huge love, affection and respect from their fans. They have done something great to our society and didn’t even publicize it. It is good to see that few of the movie artists proved themselves to be great Samaritans.

Here is the list of few actors/actress who have proved themselves to be real life heroes too:

1. Nana Patekar

Nana Patekar has proved himself that he is far more real than any reel-life hero. This is not hidden from us that most of the celebrities prefer to do social work in presence of paparazzi, but this down to earth person Mr. Patekar actually had donated money to the widows of farmers who committed suicide in Maharashtra. He is busy doing social works since long time, indeed he did not even speak about it. The veteran actor is helping farmers for their development. Nana Patekar is financially using the NGO that he co-runs.

The man never did social work to earn lime-light, Kudos to Nana Patekar.


2. Mahesh Babu

The Telugu superstar Mahesh Babu is known for the super hit film “Srimanthudu”, in which Mahesh Babu essayed the role of a rich business tycoon who adopted a village for the betterment of the citizens. Similar to his character in the movie, Mahesh Babu now in his real life has adopted his paternal village. Burripalem in Guntur district of of Andhra Pradesh, which is his father Krishna Gatamaneni’s native.

Mahesh Babu’s “Srimanthudu” actually gets into skin of the character certainly and really.


3. Siddharth Suryanarayan

With ever charming cute face the southern sensation Sidharth Suryanarayan has managed to enjoy massive female fan base. But the actor is not only blessed with good look, he is having a beautiful heart too. Considering his greatest dedication to saving mankind in the time of need, I mean he did a lot of social welfare to the people during the very terrible “Chennai flood”. This news also received huge limelight.

The “Rang-De-Basanti” star proved himself that he is not only reel-life hero, but a real life hero too.