13 Jaw-Dropping Facts About Game Of Thrones’ Natalie Dormer

Game of Thrones introduced a new generation to the comedy stylings of Natalie Dormer.

Never heard of her you say? Offense I say, offense!

She’s one of the hottest British actors up there with Gerald Butler and Colin Firth. She’s shown up in quite a number of things an you should know that she’s done a BUNCH of cool stuff besides acting. Such as…

1. She’s an amazing fencer. She’s even a part of the London Fencing Academy.


2. Despite her famous nude scenes in Game of Thrones, she swore off taking her clothes off for the show because she wanted to be known for more.


3. She says she was bullied when she was a kid but “still to this day [she] can’t place why.”


4. She ended up not acting for ten months after an indie film she was working on fell on hard times.

Glad that drought didn’t last!