7 Reasons Why Donald Trump is the Best President for USA

He will fight to destroy ISIS

Donald Trump Attends Louisiana GOP Get-Out-The-Vote Rally In Baton Rouge

We know that no one will be take action against ISIS other than Donald Trump.
because large part of the Middle East has been covered up by Islamic Terrorism and just because of this snatching of lands they have become very rich.

Nobody could buy his soul

Donald Trump is very much self assured for most of the things and he has perception and vision, due to his strong personality he fit perfectly for USA politics.

He understand the practical concept of building a big empire

Everyone know that Donald Trump is extremely filthy rich, he could understand the capital and financial power and know how to channelize money in the market which proves that he understand to build a big and functional empire. he has the capability of reducing the debt of dollars on USA.

He is an American first

Donald Trump Holds Thank You Rally In Fayetteville, NC

People of USA are always loyal to their country in the similar way Donald Trump’s loyalty will only be to America and Americans not like any other political party so he could truly “Make America Great” Again.

He know his priorities straight

He has strong beliefs in laissez-faire economy and a powerful military.
his ability to urge things done, and understanding of finances He repeatedly highlights his acumen for achievement.

He will unite people together for bonding

As a president who respects most races, he will hopefully alleviate the recent tensions between police officials and the African American communist
we have a tendency to digress. He loves all races well even Mexicans oppose him strongly.

He sticks to his words and always ready to speaks the reality

He isn’t afraid to mention what he thinks that why he openly challenged the he will
absolutely ban Muslims from entering the USA