Alec Baldwin transforms into Donald Trump for Saturday Night Live

Alec Baldwin is going to portray Republican candidate Donald Trump on  a new Saturday Night Live episode for an election special. Alec Baldwin will take on the role of the 70-year-old republican candidate for president for the first episode of the new season of the famous American show. Starring alongside him as the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, is Kate McKinnon, who transforms into Hillary Clinton in the teaser for Saturday night’s opening show.


Alec’s portrayal of Donald Trump will air on October 1 and his transformation can be seen in a new trailer for the series. The 58-year-old, Baldwin, can be seen sitting in hair and make-up as he prepares to take on the role. He also applied Blonde eyebrows to his face as well as a wig to complete the transformation before he pulls his best Donald Trump face.


The 30-second-clip suggests that the sketch of Trump and Clinton will be a parody of the first presidential debate, which took place earlier this week. Executive producer Lorne Michaels reportedly made the decision earlier this year that he wanted Alec to take on the role, with the Hollywood Reporter revealing that the star signed on the project this week.


He has several appearances on the show since his debut in 1990 and has guest-hosted a record-breaking 16 times. Alec was initially a supporter of Donald’s, however his views of the businessman appear to have changed, with him telling the Telegraph he is a “candidate made of hate”.


This will be the third time, a movie star is going to portray Donald Trump in any form of media. Before this, Johnny Depp played Trump in a TV movie, shortly after that, Meryl Streep mocked Donald Trump in a theater play by portraying the republican candidate.